Your Healthcare  $$$ and Sense 
Over 60 people attended the forum on April 4th, 2017 at  7-8:30 pm  at the Poolville Community Center,   

L>R Baschki Robertson, Health Care Workers Union; Sean Fadale, Community Memorial Hospital CEO; Katie Mungari, Madison County Director of Community Health, & Alexandra Erath, moderator

The panel members shared first-hand professional perspectives on what is at stake as the federal and state governments address the health care needs of our citizens.


The panelists shared their concerns about the intent of health care legislation: is it primarily to improve access to health insurance and health care, or is it to reduce the deficit and government spending on health care? The panelists agreed that rural communities in Madison and Chenango counties would be hard hit by new legislation that would reduce federal spending on health care. As Mr. Fadale said, “I would just have to give them the keys to the hospital.”  


Ms. Mungari’s work is focused on preventative care, which has an enormous impact on lowering healthcare costs. Paradoxically, preventative care is often the first to be affected by budget cuts.


Audience members were strongly encouraged to contact federal and state elected representatives to express concerns about the future of quality affordable health care in Central New York. As Ms. Robertson pointed out, if funds are cut and insurance coverage curtailed, clinics and hospitals will close. “Where will people get their health care?”